Motorcycles are one of the most convenient vehicles that every driver should consider buying. These vehicles are versatile in the types of roads and environments they can be driven on. If you plan to go to a nearby convenience store or have to go through a long narrow pathway, then using a motorcycle will be your best choice.

Naturally, every person has to start somewhere. Motorcycles take a bit of time to get used to because of the constant control and balance that you have to master. This is why beginners need to consider what motorcycle they want to purchase carefully. In this area, this American Motorcycle Trading Company can help with their range of options available and when you are done with your beginners bike you can sell it back to upgrade it. But there will be plenty in your local area if you live too far away. Alternatively, a person can also start with something supportive, such as a motorcycle trike, which may be easier to learn. However, you don’t necessarily need to buy a brand new trike for learning purposes. You can instead visit classified ad sites such as ListedBuy ( or others like them where you can find used trikes for sale.

Why do you need a motorcycle?

Motorcycles indeed provide drivers plenty of conveniences. As such, we should contemplate the what’s and hows of using a motorcycle. Before choosing a certain brand or model, think about whether you will use the motorcycle for leisure, work, or other matters. Will your travels be on rough terrain? How often will you travel with it? You should also consider safety and whether you’re confident enough to ride on busy roads. Hopefully you’ll never need them, but it’s always a good idea to check out the best motorcycle accident attorneys in St Louis MO or your own local area before heading out for the first time on your bike, just in case of an emergency. Keep reading to find the best motorcycle for you:

  • Yamaha FZ-07

With a 6-speed transmission and 4 strokes, 8 valves parallel-twin type engine, this motorcycle is tailored for power but also control. The engine’s unique power provides for a mid to low range for torque featured with a high rpm, strong, pulling power, and linear throttle response. This enables drivers to maximize every aspect of the riding experience. To look at other Yamaha motorcycles, bikers may want to check this page out for themselves and see what they could get so they can go out on that open road.

This model, however, is appealing for its very distinct design and popular leading colors and graphics. Each part and component has been integrated with minimal structural elements. Its very attractive appearance is defined by its Hyper Naked traits that include the latest LED lighting to show a clear and powerful glow.

  • Honda Grom ABS

This motorcycle drives just as well as it looks. The 2022 Honda Grom has a single-cylinder 123.99cc SOHC four-stroke engine with high compression. Honda continues to live up to its reputation for manufacturing high-end engines. Even if the model itself is on the smaller side, its compact build, engine, and 5-speed transmission allow for a manageable bike for beginners.

The model’s build is significantly lighter than most motorcycles with its size but does not sacrifice its cool design patterns. Beginner or experienced drivers of all kinds will appreciate the Honda Grom’s small engine and an accessible low seat to boot. Once you get the hang of riding it, you could even go for a nice agility-filled drive.

  • KTM 390 Adventure

As its name may imply, this motorcycle is an adventure bike at the entry level. This enables the model to do extremely well in all sorts of environments during long rides. With its impressive 373cc single-cylinder engine, this motorcycle also comes equipped with a 43hp and 36 Nm of torque. This allows it to be very powerful while still being maneuverable because of its slipper clutch for smooth input.

The model features the distinct signature trellis frame of the brand. It is extremely compact with very robust front forks. Although its seat is on the higher side, being 855 mm, it can still be rider-friendly due to its narrow width. The KTM 390 Adventure is also built with comfortable, angled footpegs for enjoyable and comfortable drives.

  • Suzuki sv650

The Suzuki sv650 can safely be described as a master of balance. The model’s V-Twin engine was made from some of the best engineering and premium versatility that the market has to offer. This engine provides a powerful torque while still being very easy to handle and includes a deep, robust sound. With its two spark plugs per cylinder, drivers can enjoy precise ignition each time.

Just like we expect from a good motorcycle, the vehicle is very lightweight, which makes it very easy to handle. On top of this, the Suzuki sv650 also has a very slim body for a comfortable and balanced driving experience. The majority of the model’s frame is constructed from lightweight steel, which is why its design is extremely ergonomic, especially for beginners.


With the number of things we have to do and places we need to get to daily, a motorcycle is a vehicle of convenience. Even if it’s simply for leisure, a nice drive on a motorcycle is good for unwinding and relaxation. Combining a balanced build, incredible performance, as well as a pleasing appearance, motorcycles simply fill a gap in our daily commutes.