Online insurance companies are now offering the full range of services this way. This will include home insurance, car insurance, motorbike insurance, and commercial insurance, whether it relates to vehicles, premises, or liabilities. One such provider can be found at During this article, we will attempt to discover as much as we can about each of the areas of insurance.


Home Insurance

Home Insurance will cover damage to the interiors and exteriors of houses. This can be split between a separate policy for contents and buildings or taken care of by a combined policy. Personal liability is also included should, for example, a piece of roof fall from your property and harm a passer-by. This is just one example of why we need liability cover included.

Contents cover will include all the items inside your home as long as you have specified separately items of significant value. This will mean an extra premium. Also, you will need “all risks” cover if you want your items to have insurance protection outside of your property.

Buildings insurance, which covers your main property, outdoor buildings, and fences, will be calculated on the number of bedrooms that your property has as well as its value. It is important to not just cover its market value but also the rebuilding costs to have it insured for a realistic sum should the very worst happen.

You can extend both buildings and contents insurance to include accidental damage so that you are still covered if the damage was your fault.


Car and Motorbike Insurance

The price that you pay for your car insurance will be determined by which of the 50 vehicle groups your vehicle falls into. These are worked out based on vehicle performance and the cost of repairs for that model, along with other factors that your insurance company will be able to explain.

Motorcycle or motorbike insurance can be taken out to just cover the other person, which is known as Third Party Only cover, or can be extended to include repairs to your bike and compensation for your injuries. You can do a lot to protect yourself too by investing in a good safety-approved helmet, leathers, and gloves. You will also want cover if your bike is stolen. It is the law to have at least basic motorcycle insurance.

Generally, only Comprehensive motorcycle insurance will provide cover for riding other bikes. You should look to obtain multi-bike insurance if this is frequently the case.


Commercial Insurance

When it comes to business, we will need to insure specifically for this purpose when it comes to vehicles. Commercial vehicle insurance will cover our vehicle and what we are carrying inside. Also, it will extend cover beyond just commuting to and from work and for social, domestic, and pleasure purposes. We will then be legally insured to drive our vehicle as part of our business. Couriers, taxi drivers, and driving instructors will need motor insurance that is for business purposes.

Then business premises will need to be insured separately as well as liability insurance purchased for the protection of employees and the public. It is the law to purchase employer’s liability insurance, whereas public liability insurance is voluntary. A company can be fined for not holding a current employer’s liability certificate. This has been the law in the UK, for most businesses since the Employer’s Liability (Compulsory Insurance) Act of 1969 came into force. It is important not to let this policy lapse. It is also a clever idea to have public liability as any large payout could spell disaster and the end of a business.

The minimum amount of employer’s liability that you usually need will be £5 million, but most insurers will provide policyholders with £10 million as standard.


These are the three principal areas of insurance. This is so that we can financially protect property, vehicles, and people, and be covered by insurance in our personal lives as well as in business. It will all depend on our circumstances how many diverse types of insurances we will need. Each is a peace of mind to know that should the worst happen, we will not lose everything and survive the financial loss because it will be compensated for.

The principle behind insurance is to put the policyholders back into the same position they were in before a claim, where possible. Either way, you will be financially compensated. It is important financially not to be under or over-insured, and your insurance adviser can help with this, as well as helping you to obtain the lowest premium you can in exchange for enough cover.

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