There are all sorts of choices for vehicles that are commercially available out there. With the many competing brands and continuous development in the world of cars, you can find your ideal vehicle if you look in the right place. That being said, to choose a car, you have to know what the options are.

Fortunately enough, here we have a guide to each vehicle type and body style that currently exists in the market. Cars are mostly noted for how they look and the different environments they can be driven in. After all, the first thing we recognize in a car is its distinct appearance.

Sports Car

These types of cars tend to be the flashiest as well as expensive. They are considered luxury cars and are meant for nice, smooth drives on well-paved roads. Perfect for important occasions, you are guaranteed to get the attention of many if you drive a sports car. These cars will generally only be equipped with two seats, with only a small minority having seats at their rear.

Sedans are probably the most commonly owned by people. Out of the other types of vehicles, this vehicle is probably the most versatile with its various sizes. Brands such as Nissan and Rio are constantly manufacturing new, different models of sedans each year. A small part of sports cars belongs to the sedan vehicle type, such as some Mercedes models. This is due to their small to medium size but still very compact builds.

Handicap Vehicle

Handicap vehicles, designed with inclusivity in mind, serve a crucial role in enhancing mobility and independence for individuals with disabilities. These vehicles encompass a diverse range of types, each tailored to specific needs. One noteworthy adaptation commonly found in accessible vehicles is the implementation of push pull hand controls, a technology that enables drivers to operate the vehicle using hand movements instead of their feet.

This innovation has revolutionized the driving experience for those with limited lower-body mobility. From wheelchair-accessible vans with ramps or lifts to modified sedans with specialized driving aids, these vehicles are a testament to the automotive industry’s commitment to creating solutions that empower everyone to traverse the world with ease and freedom.

Station Wagon

The Station wagon is a very unique and distinct car type compared to most. They have quite a long and extended roof area as well as hatch doors approaching the car’s rear as opposed to a trunk. Generally, these kinds of cars are commonly used by mid-sized families because of their generous width and length. Some models even offer elevated clearance from the ground, and some even look similar to SUVs in some ways.

Coupes are a mix of a sedan and sports car. The car type is distinct as it is a two-door car with a very solid trunk and roof. Some good examples of cars like these are the Mustang and Audi models. The difference between coupes and sedans in terms of styling is that the coupe’s shorter body results in longer doors and windows.

The hatchback can also be compared to a station wagon. As its name may imply, the rear ends of vehicles of this type are very easy to spot since they also have an extended build. Although only recently, Hatchbacks have been designed to be on the larger side of cars, makings them ideal for families. These kinds of cars allow for accessible storage at their rear and are perfect for traveling long distances.

Pickup Truck

These kinds of cars are among the toughest and powerful cars out there. A pickup truck will be quite powerful and has a large cargo area on its back that it is easy to find truck bed covers for. They offer versatility for driving, allowing drivers to glide through all sorts of environments easily. Having a total of four seats, the pickup truck is sufficiently spacious for passengers and carrying lots of different heavy objects. Although, while the chances of damage occurring to these vehicles might be slim, they are not non-existent. Truck owners might think, “even though my vehicle is really safe to transport goods in, can I get a bespoke truck insurance policy?” And the answer is yes, you can. In the event of a breakdown of the vehicle, or any other unfortunate accident, truck insurance companies can cover expenses to minimize the financial loss on your end. Consequently, truck owners must pay closer attention to the safety features of their vehicles. In fact, they may wish to consider adding safety features, such as a ‘Power Landing Gear‘ that can adjust the landing legs with a press of a button. This can eliminate the risk of the driver being injured since the landing legs do not need to be adjusted manually.

Sport Utility Vehicle

SUVs are very well built and tall cars. They are generally characterized by their high seating placements and wider space than most cars. As a good utility car should, these cars will offer plenty of space in their trunks which also makes them convenient for travel. For their performance, space, and maneuverability, the car’s design is well balanced as well as compact. The size of these types of cars generally depends on whether they are mid-sized or full-sized but they are excellent vehicles either way.

This car type is very self-explanatory. Among all other family vehicles, the minivan is the most convenient and versatile kind. While their name may mislead you to think they are small, minivans extend to quite a length and make lots of room in their rear. Minivan owners can expect a huge area at its back for moving and traveling. With their flexible and simple design, these types of vehicles can transport many people and cargo.