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Welcome to Motor Retro, a site celebrating everything about the old and new cars we know and love.

"If you're here, you know that cars are a diverse subject warranting plenty of thought and consideration all on their own. Below are just some examples of what I write about on this site."


Classic Cars

How many of us fall in love with the world of motors. Classics are there for a reason, and I love to write about them.


Car Maintenance

As wonderful as cars are, they do take some work to keep them going. Here's where I talk about how to do that.


Collections and Modifications

We all have a dream garage. This is where that speculation comes into play, whether it be with unique models or mods.

Recent Writings

  • In Blog, Car Advice, Car Maintenance
    Are you driving a new car for the first time? Do you have no idea how to care for it? Owning a car is a huge responsibility. The car is expected to last for years and you can use it on many trips. Without proper car maintenance, you can lose your car before you’re ready to upgrade. You might […]
  • In Blog, Car Advice, Car Maintenance
    Wondering how you make a crucial impact on how much fuel you use in your car? In 2021, transportation accounted for almost twentyeight percent of all energy used in the United States. A good fuel economy rating can save you from making a costly trip to the gas station. Knowing what’s best for […]
  • In Blog, Car Advice
    Take a trip out of the UK, and you will find that car insurance can be significantly cheaper, with some companies offering cheaper deals for customers who live in the country. But is it worth travelling across the border to save a few pounds? And which UK-based insurers are worth considering? So, […]

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